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Endless Reflections [entries|friends|calendar]
Endless Reflections

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[June 12, 2012]

More icons!

Cluracan (34 icons)

Eve (37 icons)

Lucifer (97 icons)

Lyta Hall (87 icons)

Matthew (29 icons)

Thessaly (98 icons)

Or see all my Sandman icons here.
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[July 9, 2011]

Back, with more icons!

Barnabas (38 icons)

The Corinthian (52 icons)

Fiddler's Green (23 icons)

Hob Gadling (55 icons)

Mazikeen (70 icons)

Nuala (68 icons)

Rose Walker (69 icons)

Titania (26 icons)

I'm also working on icon sets for Matthew, Eve, Lucien, Cluracan, Lucifer, Lyta and Thessaly. Any requests, feel free to ask!
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[March 30, 2011]

Some simple Endless icons, for anybody who wants them!

Destiny (65 icons)

Death (255 icons)

Dream (278 icons)

Destruction (77 icons)

Desire (81 icons)

Despair (73 icons)

Delirium (209 icons)
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12 Death icons [July 13, 2010]

(In a multi-fandom post with
-20 Xena icons
-16 Buffy icons
-16 Firefly icons
-12 Avatar: the Last Airbender icons)

Want, take, credit icons_of_isis, have. Comments are love.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Find the rest here @ icons_of_isis
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[July 8, 2010]

hello. i'm new to this group, and i sort of need a bit help.

i'm getting my first sandman tattoo in august. it's going to be on the back of my neck or behind my ear. i was wondering for such a small tattoo, what could i get? first i wondered about "Tempus Frangit" but it would be more fitting to have that tattoo on my wrist...

my favorite is definetely Delirium, but her sigil is just a mix of colors when she's happy.

so my question is if you have ideas of a small sandman tattoo? whether if it's a quote or a drawing. suggestions, ideas and advice are very much appreciated.
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[April 11, 2010]

[ mood | sick ]

The latest for my Sandman Fanarts set.

Delirium Fanart


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Destiny Fanart [March 25, 2010]


Posting another fanart, this time, it's big brother Destiny. :)


Destiny Fanart

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[March 23, 2010]

Because everyone loves Delirium icons ;O
Seven in total.

( A lovely fake cut to the rest~ )
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hi! [March 22, 2010]

I took this photo today and edited it...

thought yall would enjoy!

a pewter figurine from the 10th anniversary Endless Sandman set.

this is Desire.

photographed with a Nikon D40 & AF-S DX NIKKOR
35mm f/1.8G lens.
edited in Lightroom 2.
photoshopped with brushes in Photohop CS4.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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Dream Fanart [March 7, 2010]

[ mood | morose ]

Dream Fanart.

Dream's coat is inspired by David Tennant's Tenth Doctor. Guess it's sort of an effect of Ten withdrawal. :p

Dream Fanart

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Death (fanart) [March 3, 2010]

[ mood | tired ]

Death (fanart)

Hi guys, my first time posting here, or at any comm, for that matter, i usually just show them to my friends...so here goes. :D

Death of The Endless (fanart)

The image is not very clear cos i just took a photo of the drawing. Hopefully i can post a scanned one.

Hi Mod, my first time posting, hope i did not break any rules. Thanks!

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Sandman Animation [September 11, 2009]

check it out, i finished it finally!

Dreams Castle on Vimeo.

& photos from our Endless group at Dragon*Con will be posted soon!

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[September 6, 2009]

All by me, please credit and comment if you're going to take them. I assume nobody really is because really, how common are Delirium players? But, if you just think one's cool that's plenty reason to nab it and... you know. I'm going to stop babble typing now. Enjoy~


Tori Amos as DeliriumCollapse )
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i did some sketches! [August 20, 2009]

Dream & Death [i didn't mean to have them overlap like that, it was unintentional!]


x-posted elsewhere
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The Dream king. [August 2, 2009]

check it out guys!

just a quick painting i did.

photo reference:
The image “http://home.ifi.uio.no/janl/ts/sandman-yes.gif” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

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your favorite image of Dream? [July 30, 2009]

so, i am looking to paint a Dream painting, and am not sure which image to use.
there are so many!

what image do YOU love of him?

and if you own the books, what book and page number?
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Endless-Love is like a Hurricane online graphic novel [May 14, 2009]


This is a graphical story made for my friend for Valentine's day. The images are all variously pulled from different sources and combined in photoshop. The words are all mine and is Delirium of the Endless, talking about love.

Click the arrows down in the right corner for full screen to read...
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[April 4, 2009]


Good Omens
1. Death, linnpuzzle
2. Famine, linnpuzzle
3. War, linnpuzzle
4. Pollution, linnpuzzle

5-20 Dream
21-28 Delirium
---21-24 art by Candra and b1nd1 @ Deviantart
---25-27 art by Canrda @ DeviantArt
---28 art by Rebecca Morse
29. Delight, art by b1nd1 @ DeviantArt
30-31 Delirium and Crowley art by linnpuzzle
32. Dollhouse

33. Sandman wallpaper, art by JavierGpache @ DeviantArt

Protect the flist!Collapse )
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[February 24, 2009]


I've scanned The Little Endless Storybook by Jill Thompson, and I thought I'd mention it here in case any of you are interested in seeing. (: It's crazy cute, and I'd recommend buying a copy for yourself. Looking through it never gets old.

VERY IMAGE HEAVY; not for those with slow connections
( part one )

( part two )

( part three )

Sorry if you see this more than once. ):
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[September 16, 2008]


Animated icons! I'm moving up in the world. Though really nice ones seem to be too big for lj... I'm gonna put them in anyway, because they look pretty cool and I have all sorts of pride for them~ Animated fadyness under cut.

1.  2.   3.


See them walking talking speaking many things...Collapse )


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